Welcome to the home of Blue Flame Butane, the creators of the first American made 70:30 n-Butane/Propane torch fuel blend specifically formulated for Chefs.

What’s all the Hype About?

The Pure Food movement has now grown to epic proportions. Organic, NON-GMO, humanely raised, etc… The masses are awakening and are now beginning to ask questions. Where does my food come from? What has it been treated with? How has it been raised? Does my favorite restaurant care about the environment, my health, and sustainabilty? You may be asking many of the same questions.

If you’ve been searing your meats and veggies with a torch attached to a random can of dirty Korean butane fuel, you might want to ask yourself “what toxic petroleum based chemicals have I been blowing all over my food all of these years?”. It’s time to switch to a cleaner culinary fuel made by people who care about these things.


Blue Flame Butane was created with the Chef in mind. We did not create yet another dirty generic butane product– no, we chose the alternate path. Blue Flame Butane is American Made, clean, and food grade. You won’t find mysterious toxic manufacturing lubricants in our food grade canisters, only ultra-purified n-butane and propane precisely blended at the optimal 70:30 ratio.


We custom manufacture our own butane/propane blend and distribute it directly to restaurants and restaurant supply stores across the United States and Canada. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiry that you may have.

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